This is the most common method offered by fishing tours in Bali, specialising in deep sea fishing, and otherwise known as trolling. The method is used to catch deep-sea fish, and the waters around Bali’s southern coasts are teeming with big game. The boat ride to the exotic fishing sites is usually part of the thrill, and it’s all topped with your successful strike, as you reel in your prize mahi-mahi, wahoo, tuna, trevally, barracuda, or even an Indo-Pacific blue marlin!

Fishing boats down to the deep south-eastern waters off Bali, where rich currents bring together most kinds of popular game fish. Trips start out mostly in the morning from your chosen operator’s base, Tanjung Benoa being the most common point of departure. 

You will enjoy fantastic bottom or trolling sensation in all our spots!! Our Bali Fishing tour takes you to a number of amazing Bali Fishing location around Bali Islands. We specialize in customized fishing trips, so whether you are an expert or just learning, regardless of your age, we have a qualified guide to make your fishing trip successful. Spend your day fishing with top quality fishing equipment from our various equipment. Let our guides take care of your equipment for the day so you don’t lose a moment of precious fishing time.